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Sage Accounting Software

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First things First.....HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL :lol: :lol:

Hope you are recharged and raring to go like I was today........ NOT


Don't know if any of you guys use this software but I purchased it over the holidays to try and make my book work a little easier but this seems really complex to me :oops:


I still do my books manually with a weekly cash book,so I thought I could get more detailed weekly/monthly reports on my takings plus an idea on tax at the end of the year,but the basic instant accounting package seems real overkill for a small cash business.


Any thoughts/help much appreciated :wink:

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well how spooky was that Michael

Was about to post nearly the same questions as yourself!


Since we started i have been using a 'home made' ledger and accounting spreadsheet that myself and my accountant have developed. I have also written an access database for invoicing and billing customers which is then linked to the excel spreadsheets.


I am thinking of investing in Sage to use at the start of the next financial year to replace everything we developed on what was nothing more than a £0 budget!


I would too would appreciate anyone's comments on sage instant accounts v12, is it worth the investment etc. The system i have developed is ok but has a lot of limitations and is only really a computer based account book.

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I found so many limitations is so much of the software

unable to do VAT at flat rate scheme

not able to do quotes

unable to link products to invoice

not able to have different departments - I have 3 sections under the one VAT account.... but I need to incoice each from the relevant section. -No I have to come out change the logo's and go back in.....

when I had a shop I had sage and an EPOS system, no problems ever with it

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Have you had a look at "Xero"? Cloud based but not free at £24 per month. Been using it for 3 years and is packed with very useful easy to use tools, VAT is a snap. One particular feature I love and is a great time saver is using a smart phone app called "Receipt Bank". Take a snap of a suppliers invoice on your phone and it automatically uploads to Xero saves loads of data entry time and you also have a scanned backup. It makes sage look really dated.

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