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vinyl plotting

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we've just bought a vinyl plotter and i'm mystified by the fact that it has a biro pen attachment that the instructions make no mention of :shock:


anyone know what this is for?


also, where's the best place to buy vinyl and is there any particular brand that i should keep away from?


cheers folks, rick.

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a vinyl plotter is the machine that cuts out letters/logos etc from sheets of vinyl for signwriting and stuff. i believe the biro attachment is to do a dry run to see if you have got it right.


as for material, i think there is a sign making magazine like cutting edge that might be worth getting. if only i could remember what it was called.......

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I know nowt about Vinyl Plotting but after the explosions all night long last night I think we have a new case of "Gunpowder Plotting"


Each year these so called family fireworks get louder and louder, I'm told that they dont by my children, yet my hearing diminishes by the month so why is it that these devices seem to get louder.?

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Hi Rick,


I too have moved into the world of vinyl plotting and have attended the Sign UK show at Birmingham NEC for the last two years. I've found it a very useful day out with regard to finding and talking to potential suppliers.


Plus there are a range of demonstrations and talks throughout the day on subjects from applying vinyl wrap to making the most of your software.


As a result of attending this show I now receive a monthy trade magazine called "Sign Link". It's full of suppliers and makes an interesting read.

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keep a roll of lining paper for wallpaper handy and put that instead of vinyl in your machine and use the biro instead off the cutter to practice with also you can design a sign and print a full 6 meter wide shop front sample to send to a customer for about 10p or less for aproval before you waste vinyl. i now mainly use mulbery design and print for vinyl. you tried application fluid instead of fitting vinyl dry you can do a full transit in half the time with fluid.


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