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Yet another New Yale Key

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We stock and use on a very regular basis both the infamous Yax5 ( never seem to have any problems with this one) , and the ever popular Yax1 ( Square head) , however had a customer in today with what at first inspection appeared to be a Yax1 key , but upon cutting it i soon realised that although same sqaure head shape , this was in fact a 6 pin Key , ended up using a UL2 , as this was all that seemed to be suitable .

Is this yet another version of the many new yale locks that we will be seeing come in through our doors , customer bought the lock from B&Q yesterday , in the past 3 keys were supplied with new locks , but it now seems that only 2 are being supplied with these new locks .

Any feedback , especially from our friends at Davenports would be of help , Wishing all on the Forum a Prosperous New Year , Andy

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