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Shoes that need repairing - request for offers

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I came across this forum after trying to find someone to repair my shoes. The shoes I have were made for me and unfortunately the company has since dissapeared (and they were not from the UK ). I also never got hold of the lasts which was a shame.


I have had them repaired a number of times and each time the following has occured:


1) The sole has come off

2) The heel has come loose

3) The blakes were on the wrong side of where my step wears them out. The repair man simply said thet was the only option

4) I also seem to wear heels and sole out in no time - weeks it seems.


Basically I want a repair that will last with as much metal as possible! I have been in touch with Hugh and he advised:


a) Stitched Through Sole and Heel using Rendenbach Soling Leather (the original sole was Rendenbach)

B) Heels with Full Ring Irons (if possible) Light Metal Toe Plates on the Toes


A horse shoe of metal (which I guess is a full ring) is important and ideally the repair could be supplied with some spares so I can renew the metal myself (I really do wear them down quickly).


Hugh has advised a leather sole - they were originally but I had to have a quick repair done in China recently so a rubber one has been attached. I wear the shoes alll the time - the are abused (worn everywhere) - but they fit damn well. I would like to send my shoes to someone who cares about what they do and hence my post. If you are interested then could you post with your offer an what you intend to do. I am happy to send the shoes to anywhere in the UK apart from my local shoe repair shops!




C. Durrant


p.s. they are Mens shoes, around size UK 9

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It is still difficult to quote off those Pics Cad, They look like goodyear welted shoes, and the repair Looks as though it has been nailed on, If this is the case its not good news.

Normally this causes damage to the welt and I wouldn't be prepared to repair them without rewelting. Its all ifs and buts without a proper look.


All I can say is: rewelting, JR through soles, Horse shoe tips(not recomended) & leather heel blocks back linings etc, Your looking around £100.


Remember though, There will always be some-one willing to take £20 off you to bodge them up.

Customers who go for price rather than quality, Will end up disatisfied everytime

It is just not possible to do a quality job with quality materials for £20.


If anyone thinks different...........you do one, and I'll do the other :wink:


Click here http://www.shoerepairer.info/bb/viewtopic.php?t=962

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I agree with you comments re £20 v £100. I'm certainly not interested in a cheap job. My main concern is wear - I'm realistic that a heal isn't magic and it will wear down but I have had better performance from steel than rubber ..... although I have on occasion splipped.


Perhaps I should compromise and get 1/4 blakeys on the inside and not get horse shoes.


Is it general opinion that I should not get steel toe tips? Will I simply be ice skating all the time?



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Almost nobody has Horse shoe tips these days, as there are excellent alternatives which are as, if not better wearing and safer.


Although you say your biggest concern is wear, it is also nice to know that the reconstruction has been done to a high standard so as the shoe still looks good when the time comes for a new repair.

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Your escapade with Rubber was almost certainly down to poor quality Rubber. The top quality rubber can last as long as Metal as there are also various grades of metal.

Maybe you would like to state what area you live, you never know you may be very near to one of our members who can take a closer look at your shoes.


On the Rubber aspect think of Marathon Runners, they have Rubber on their Heels and toes, training most days ans Marathons & half Marathons on a monthly and sometimes basis. Their Heels last many more miles than your Steel Heels will do and the thickness of their Rubber is about 5mm.Heels

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Guest boonhead

send them to planet i will gaurantee you will be pleased with the out come

of the shoes when they come back to you cad.i'm not knocking anyone's eles's work,but iv'e known this man for twenty odd years.he loves a challenge it's the only thing that keeps him tikin, :smt056 he will do a great job

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Guest boonhead

cad if i was you i would have them all stripped down and rebuilt,i.e new welts,new filling thru soles and quarter rubber tips as tel said,no horse shoe they are lethal.by the way there are people out there who will won't give a toss what materials they put on your shoes.just thought i would air my views.if you get quality you don't mind paying what ever the cost.i hate butcher's no morals sorry :x

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I quite agree - there are butchers, just ok and good - hence My posting here. If people take the time to set this forum up and also share ideas it certainly shows they are interested in their trade.


I like my metal - almost got used to the SS Germanic clicking although I will heed to the advice of those that know....


Can quarter rubber tips be replaced (relatively easily) easily once worn down or is it a complete heal overhaul?

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Getting quite interesting, I used to like the sound of Quarter Steel heels on my shoes when I was younger, thought it made an impression on folk.

There is also the jolting of the spine to take into account as each step has an impact on the spinal column. Over the years this can amount to serious complications.

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I don't like em really, never have. I can't see any plus points for them.


they scratch wooden/laminate floors,


They snag carpets as they wear and become sharp and jagged,


They are slippy especially on marble floors, as you get in shopping centre's.


They don't wear as good as the top materials on the market today.


they are harmfull to hip,knee, & ankle joints as well as your lower back.


plus they are banned anywere near compustable materials :wink:


other than that they are fantastic :twisted: :twisted:

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cad, I'm intrigued as to what your hoping to find that you haven't already been offered?


Both UK & myself (two of the finest repairers in the country :lol: ) have already shown interest in your work, yet you haven't committed to either...........


Why? :roll:




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