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Strangest sewing job

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this is by far Strangest job i've been asked for,


guy brought in a 'rabbit' skin (inside missing) - not that old, asking for me to sew up one end to use as a dog training aid!

after discussing price he bought some myers thread. some people are way too lazy for there own good!

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i was asked to sew a chelsea patch on a jacket once.....but the customer could not afford to pay me....what i needed to do such a awfull job................it ran into thousands..lol merry xmas...up the gooners...

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I recently did some stitching on a leather 3 piece bean bag suite. Thankfully, all the beans had been removed. When I got to finding the seam which needed stitching on the 'settee' it took me ages to find as it was so big. When I got the job done I phoned the answerphone and pleaded with the customer to pick them ASAP as they were taking over the shop.

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although not for a customer, I used to run a judo club & we moved halls & I had to take a panel out of our 2 canvas mat covers.

each mat had to have 4 rows of stitching 24 foot long thats 192 feet!


I came down on a sunday, dragged the stitcher outside & did them on the pavement, it was the only way I had the room to work!


It seamed every time I got going I had to stop to change the bobbin.



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Hi guys, first post - I'm based in New Zealand. I saw this thread and just couldn't resist. I'll be delicate because I dont want to get myself banned :)


The owner of the local 'Joke' shop rang me late one afternoon and said he had an odd job for me to do and would I mind having a look..no problem I said.

The 'Joke' shop doubles as the local 'Adult' shop as well (go thru the sqeaky doors at the back of the shop...you know the type of place...)


Anyway he comes and plonks this thing wrapped in paper bag on my counter, you guessed it- male strap-on 'appendage'. I said 'Tell me this hasn't been used' and after confirmation of being brand new he told me that the guy wanted the vinyl strapping/buckles/velcros removed and all replaced with elastic. Unfortunately the straps were moulded through the base of the 'unit' so I had to make the adjustments with appendage attached.

The only time I really regretted having full length windows so that people were able to look in on me while I worked...with all tools in hand so to speak :lol:


Thats class :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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