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apple mac or desktop pc?

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hi can anyone advise please?

i am fed up with virus's etc, slowing my p.c down - so have had a look at upgrading to apple, who tell me they dont get virus's - there faster - big memory etc;

also now you can convert folders from one to the other, they will train me on an apple so i should be able to use the same software i normally use,

i run gravostyle 98,

also key cutting software,

does any one else run engraving with an apple mac? without too many problems

the question is - apple mac or desktop pc?

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I am also looking to switch to apple although at the moment i run a vista lap top with a dual drive running ubuntu for most stuff. the difference is instantly noticable, fast running, no stupid questions etc etc. the drawback is that a lot of program wont install or run on it which may also be a problem with apple, i'm not sure. but the new apples can also be dual drive so you could run engraving on xp and the internet and everything else on apple. if gravostyle runs on apple then i would definitely look at that.

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