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i keep getting asked for disney keys i have seen a few on customers key rings they look good but i dont seem to be able to get any stock and starting to loose sales. i have had the full starter package inc stand and poster on back order with nwkeys for months and aparently db dont have any either. if you know where i can get some from please be kind enough to let me into the seceret. they must be somewhere as you can even buy them in singles uncut on ebay.

craig :)

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First of all our apologies for the delay on the Disney blanks.

We did in fact sell what we anticipated was 3 months stock in 10 days!

Secondly whilst they are made in Europe, Disney insist they have to be sent back to the States for approval. As you can appreciate this is beyond our control.

We will post a message on this forum when we get an anticipated delivery date, hopefully in the next few days.

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Further to my last post the Disney key blanks should be with us sometime this Monday(10th December).

We will endeavour to get all back orders for these sent out as soon as possible from receipt of these.

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