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Good afternoon folks,


I need a Disney Tinkerbell funkey if anyone has one spare. I can pay you,swap it for another Disney key or give you half an hour with the wife ( or me if that's what floats ya boat). I am putting it inside a kind of Disney xmas pack i'm making up.





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You really don't want to see me right now matey. i'm on my 6th bottle of Brasilian Brahma - a fine beer.


I can offer you a Scottish joke in the meantime. I was sent this today from a family member up there in Bellshill.




Choose deep fried Pizza,choose Irn Bru,choose Tablet and Macaroon. Choose pubs wi nae windaes. Choose Buckfast,choose a f**kin big chib. Choose some wee w*nk in a Nike tracksuit callin ye a Bawbag.

CHOOSE GALSGOW FOR THE 2014 COMMONWEALTH GAMES. Are they off ther f*ckin heeds?



Got that today from my cousin.


Nae bad eh son?

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