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round metal tops

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Your CB rep is absolutley right ! , Round Metals were never a big seller to the repair trade , and production was aimed at UK Heel Manufacturers , these were last diecast around 10 yrs ago along with similar "odd" shapes such as M10 ( square) , M12 ( Triangle), stocks at Odell have now , along with a few other sizes, dwindled away to nothing , and as far as i am aware will NOT be repeated.

The demise of UK manufacturing caused the collapse of the UK component supply chain , 25 yrs ago Abbey, Dinkie , Fussells , and Odell all Diecast Metal tops. Now only Odell left and they have not cast any toppieces now for more years than they would like to tell you !! , instead they used to subcontact out to several other UK manufacturers ( we under another name were one of them ! ) and are now forced to find supplies in Italy, but only on limited sizes with very large minimum orders applying ( 10 to 50 thousand pairs at a time). Fashions changed , demand dwindled, Machinery and Tooling got scrapped , Manufacturers changed direction , sadly a fact of life.

3/8 Round is like you say a very popular size at the moment , thanks to "New Look" in particular , we fit @ 50 prs a week , and am only thankfull i managed to hang on to a few Thousand .

If you are really desperate let me know i may be willing to part with a few .



Suppliers changed direction

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You can always do what we did on the original Stilettos when round top were unavailable (due to the war effort :lol: :lol: )

Put a normal tip on back to front and it leaves the protruding bits easy to scour round as the breastt will already be round.



anyone'd think we didn't do that already hugh :roll: :lol:


how many can you spare smmulti? that's an offer i can't refuse if you're serious :D


You'd do well to listen to Hughbys advice :P You may end up being the second best repairer on here :twisted: :twisted:


























:lol: :lol:

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