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CD-3800 (A) Ultrasonic cleaner

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CD-3800 (A) Ultrasonic cleaner with plastic basket & watch stand. £24.95 + VAT


Having often looked into buying a cleaning tank, I finally settled on this model from Yorkshire clock builders.

I was looking for a small cleaner for jewellery & watches in the main and this small compact unit fits the bill perfectly.


Measuring 190mm (w) x 140mm (d) x 145mm (h) its compact enough to sit on any bench. The cleaner specs are:


Digital program; 5 working cycles

Stainless steel tank

600ml - 1 pint capacity

42,000 Hz of energy wave

Quiet, solid state circuitry


I have found the unit amazing! With the 5 timings of 90sec 180, 280, 380 & 480 seconds you soon get a feel for how long an item will take to clean depending on what it is & how dirty!




The watch stand is a real bonus, as you can clean metal straps without the risk of damaging the movement through immersing it in water.





Its a really easy unit to use, fill with water to the mark on the tank ( I also use a cleaning solution but its not always needed) place the item to be cleaned in the plastic basket & drop into water reservoir and press the on button.

The timer will count down until the cycles end, simple.


This has to be one of the best value for money pieces of equipment I have brought for a long time & has really brought a new level to the quality of my watch repairs.


I give the CD-3800 (A) Ultrasonic cleaning tank a shoe repairer.info rating of


stars_5.gif 5 stars.

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Guest Iain Cheall

I thought of buying one of these but it was vetoed by my boss ( you know the one short and bosses me around all the time wears a ring on her left hand) :lol:


I had seen it on cookson gold's website might look into it again after this post :D

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Cousins have all the cleaning solutions but Washing up liquid does the job just as good, watch out for small inset imitation diamonds as they are prone to falling out.

Good for fountain pens when clogged with Ink. I had one a few years ago but lost it, or sold it, or missplaced it, it's an age thing.

A very cheap machine Lee, just been looking through my old catalogues and the metal ones are 5 to 10 times that price. Glad you like it :wink:

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A very cheap machine Lee,


I was a bit skeptical as to what the abilities of this little bargain would be, but running at 42,000 Hz it was comparable to the bigger designs so decided to give it a go & at £24.95 the investment was so small I could afford to throw it away if it didn't work.


The results I have achieved have been nothing short of amazing. dead skin on the back of a watch no problem! wifes jewelry looking as good as new within 5 minutes of owning the machine :lol:


if its compactness & the ability to do small items, this unit has to be the best value for money on the market. if all cobblers owned one we would soon be known for somewhere to pop into to get your jewelry cleaned.



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