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Service when it was urgently required

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On Friday afternoon one of our is400 volumes went down, At a time when we were really busy, We phoned Gravograph service dept, and after a series of return calls it was established we needed an engineer to visit.


Mourinio came Saturday afternoon, and quickly found the problem, It needed the control box taking away for repair. which would have left us without the volume :?

We explained that it was imperative we get the volume working as we had a backlog of work.

Mourinio took parts he needed from our is7000, (which we could do without for a few days) and got the volume up and running :smt038


If that isn't first class service, we recieved the repaired control box back this morning. It must have been repaired first thing Monday morning.


In less than 24 hours we'd had an engineer visit and get us up and running.


Thanks guys, this was superb service.

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Thanks for the feedback - good to hear about the good things that we do as opposed to when things go wrong!!


As they say, you never hear the good things only the bad!


And again, if you do have any problems in the future, you have our number and my number is below.


I will pass your comments on to Marino as i dont think he reads this forum!



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I had a problem with my M40G yesterday :( , panic almost set in with the thought of having to tell my customers their engraving wasnt going to be ready on time as well as the thought of losing out on xmas trade :shock: .


Spoke to Gravograph service team at 4.30pm last night, about the problem.

We went through the options that were available to us.

10.00am this morning spare part arrives by courier, after 10 mins of instalation work as advised by gravo engineer i was up and running again :D :D .


Thats what I call sevice :wink: !!.



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just a thought. How is it that we can commend individual companies here but we are not allowed to criticise. surely the arguments against criticism (ie. individuals bad experience) apply.

Don't get me wrong, I think we should be able to both!




I have been over this many, many times. Its always advisable to read the sites Terms & Conditions when joining, you will soon realise when reading them that there are quite a few laws that the site has to follow.

Many think that forums are an open place for freedom of speech, this was the case in the early years of the internet but not any more! The forum is in UK law considered a publication and as such has to follow certain sections of

    The Defamation Act
    Copyright law
    The E-commerce Directive

Other things this site complies with are

    The Data Protection act
    Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 (cookie law)
    The British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (otherwise known as the CAP Code).

The site has become well respected by the suppliers to our trade who not only pay for the project but are actively involved with helping members. the site would quickly deteriorate if members used it to settle grievances with companies. All companies have systems in place to deal with complaints & members should follow these protocols.


On a more personal note, like you I spend my days repairing to make ends meet I cannot afford to be answerable in court for content on the site its not why I set up the project.


I would ask all members to respect this as part of the bargaining in having the site in the first place.




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Ere, just had an idea. what about suppliers aving a go about customers.........




follow mr healeys lead kind of thing.


of course we have no bad customers at all really, they are always right. but if we think they are not as right as they think they are we give them someone elses phone number or just say obsolete mate, cant get it. :wink:



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:oops: sorry didn't mean to upset anybody and I'm sure all of us really appreciate all the time and hard work that Lee does in maintaining this valuable website.

I suppose that we older ones might be a bit naive when we think that shoe repairers are gentlemen and would not make unfounded complaints or allegations.

Thanks again Lee

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