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Iphone (never seen one before today)

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Guest Iain Cheall

how much do you guys charge for engraving ipods


its a while since i put something on one but think I charged a tenner to put something like


donna love mam & dad

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i phone looks the nuts .but let me give you some facts....................i am a phone geek............ive been testing one for about a month from america...................the battery life ,is awful..the supposed scratch proof glass.on the front is not?(court cases impending in america unhappy customers) NO VIDEO RECORD AT ALL!! unbeliavable in this day and age..you are restricted to only being able to get youre tunes from itunes(rip off).............does not have push email...meaning as soon as item is sent to youre email address.you wont get it..as it may take a hour or so..as theres no push email lol.... this phone is going to b bought on the hype.it looks smart.but they do a 4 gig and a 8gig...but in 9 months a bigger and better version will b out(does have edge and wi fi if youre battery can last long enough lol)..... a certain chain store has bought the sole rights to sell this phone in the high street(nov 8th).u no the one.ware all the accesories are a complete rip off price...but with 780 shops if someone gets ripped off everyday.thats alot of money ,u will only b able to get it at first on a contract...very expensive one at that..........dont beliave the hype this phone is for posers...practicalerty it is not....kids yes rich no sense kids with mums n dads with big pockets.if you want a great phone.go for the sony ericson..p910i..p990i.or the newish p1i all great buisness pda phones..

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the guy also wants to watch me do it too. :cry:


If your not confident with it, when he brings it in, tell him your a little busy at the moment, and could he leave it with you for half hour. :wink:


Yes good tip there, you don't want him looking over ya shoulder, That's a mistake just waiting to happen.

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