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Give this guy a call (warren 07967488147) He can sell you a gravograph machine.

If you want to start your own business you'll need to show a little more determination than you did in that post. Its a very competative market you're trying to get into.

You'll get nowhere if you don't pick the phone up and call the many suppliers you'll need to be successful.

Don't think for a second you can build a website and buy an engraving machine and the orders will come flooding in, cus they won't.

In many ways it's harder than opening a shop on the high street.

There are many many hurdles and cost to get over before you'll have a sniff of success on the net.


There are many members in here to help you on your way, but you'll need to sit down and work out a business plan, it can cost you double if you go about it in the wrong way. Sorry to appear to be negative but I speak from experience, and if your asking advice, you've got it as I see it.



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I agree with UK on this people thik put a website up and sit back and see the money. It takes alot of time and effort but it can be worth it in the long term.


I don't want to be negative but also be careful you are not breaking any terms and conditions you have with your current employer by doing this.

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Either phone or email these people. They won't bite. :lol:


I am in a similar situation to you. I have just done several months of searching for suppliers as I had an idea I wanted to follow which ties in with my line of business. The engraving machine information was just the final piece of the jigsaw and it still isn't sorted yet. My choice is now narrowed down to 2 before making that final decision. I wanted things sorted out for the christmas business but I doubt very much that that will happen.


I found this site whilst searching for engraving machines and went along to Cutting Edge which provided invaluable information for me (as well as on here). Try to go to the next one - don't rush into things.


Good luck with it all though.

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Guest jamesstratton

i think i saw that cutting edge is in kettering next year which is just up the road from me. would give me time to save and should get plenty of info there. i suppose it would give me time to check to see what i should aim to sell first to get me started

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That is a good idea. Use this time to really think about the type of thing that you want to sell/do. Then source suppliers and get all of that in place. If you are doing an internet business you will need to get a site done and start getting it indexed on the search engines. A business bank account will need to be set up, take time to reseach which one is the best for you - then there is insurance. If you are running a business from home, you will need to tell your home insurance provider be prepared for your premiums to go up.


People think that it is an easy option starting an internet business but believe me it isn't. There is so much competition around.


Don't mean to sound negative about it but it does take an awful lot of time and research but on the other hand, working for yourself is the best feeling ever.

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