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Only stock recognised brands, ones that you can repair in the event of problems or wearing out.

Gents Gibson Brogues Oxfords Moccs, the ones the company reps wear, ensures you are not left with unsaleable styles at the end of the fashion season.

Promote them in a dust free area prefeably under lit glass display with aftercare products of a high quality (wooden shoe trees etc) have leaflets printed on how the care and preserve the shoes, what to do when they are worn and how to prevent premature wear with SOs etc. You are selling a total service package not just the shoes. That way the customers know that you are the man that can and will come back time & time again. Target the Reps with a company discount card and instead of getting 1 sale you have multiple.

Have vouchers printed for the 1st heel repair free on production of the receipt (it keeps them coming back).

Loakes, although not my favourite manufacturer they would be my choice for the public, mid price, mid quality, most well recognised brand.

Have catalogues that the customers can choose styles not stocked, put the catalogue on display with the shoes but take pre-payment for orders on a non return basis unless you can get this set up with the Loakes Rep.

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good ideas there, i find that depends on the area a bit but loakes have a great range from cheaper italian poo to first class all leather 1881 range, alfred sergeant have a good selection of well made, better class and then you get to crocket and jones for top of the range. you dont need to stock much as the turn around is good

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above all other criteria is the need for sectioning the area off and having a signage that states that they are new shoes.

I have seen a number of attempts at this service and they all fell foul of the customers mistaking new shoes for ones that had been repaired.

Peter is right in his statement of manufacturers, you could add Cheynet but where does one draw the line and there is a danger of carrying too much stock for the turnaround. I would start with one supplier first (you choose on the local knowlegde and what the customers are wearing).

Important in the initial stages to get as much help in the was of signage and display material from the manufacturer. One things for sure, I would not touch Ladies footwear with a bargepole. Been there done that got the tee shirt. One line that I would stock though is Kinky Boots thigh high black & red patent, very good national market for these both from the ladies and the trannies. Very good alteration service for the trannies as their legs are thicker and sometimes will not allow the zip to close, more profit on these alterations than on the sale of the new boots and it's repeat orders and alterations, the word goes around but you have to advertise first.

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Wellies for the winter and black school pumps for the back to school, dont matter how many years you hold them they will always sell out. Put the pumps in dump bins no need for a display. Old folks slippers for the retirement homes,post them all a card giving discount but make sure the soles are not non slip as they wont be able to get down the stairs as they all shuffle to get out of my way :lol:

(why did I ever get involved in cobbling)

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