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metal hardware - odds and sods!!!

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I'm having a right nightmare finding some stuff just on the odd chance any of you guys had any ideas -


metal frames for womens purses/bags... I can find them, but only retail type prices - there is only one manufacturer in the UK left - so they have to come from China or the continent...


any ideas would be much appreciated!!!


Anyone else have issues these days getting hold of stuff like this??? when I first started out I wouldnt have expected it to be so bad.. its just becoming harder and harder... any hardware - buckles knobs tassles you name it... anyway.. long shot, just wondered if you had any ideas!!



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Mansam, they do purse bag fittings from all over the world. Also stock all those plastic fittings for webbing. Minimum orders only though as they are wholesalers. You may find that it is cheaper to buy a 1000 plastic snap locks than it is to buy 100 from trade supplies.


Do a search for Mansam on google is about the best I can do.

They do a catalogue and it may be worth pestering your wholesaler to stock some of the items. Just visted the site as I was unsure whether it still existed as I knew about them before the advent of the Internet.

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Have you tried Le Prevo in Newcastle? I notice they have some handbag frames in their clearance list at http://www.leprevo.co.uk/offers.html but since I do not use them, I can't tell whether the prices are good or bad! They have a good range of fixtures and fittings, and are generally very helpful.


J T Batchelor in Islington may stock frames . . . they have an amazing range of leather and associated products, but are not online. Speak to Ted or Rocky on 020 7254 2962.

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I have used lepravo... some of their samples are lay right here as we speak!!!


I don't make the bags here(in house); so I dont have the pliers.


I occasionally make up samples, if really really needed, but I dont have access to space nor a decent lockstitch - nor well everything else!!!


So I've not tried going down that route...


unless its something that is quicker to explain by doing rather than attempting to draw up with a million drawings...


if that makes anysense whatsoever!!!

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