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can you help please


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not really an engraving issue, but i am hoping one of you guys can help.

i have a laptop that has an issue. i can get on to google and flick around quite happily. but when i click on a link to a web site the loading bar at the bottom gets stuck about half way and i cannot get to any web sites. it seems i am connected to internet as i can play music from my sidebar and make a test call to skype. i have vista and a wireless router. and i am not overly techie with computers. [-o<

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I have had similar problems - my first solution is to plug the laptop directly into the router with a network cable and see if the same thing happens. If it does then Vista is seriously wrong - if it solves the problem then be rest assured it is a very well known problem that your Vista is not ready for wireless networking just yet and needs updating - so leave it connected by cable to the internet to let it update.

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