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Couple of months ago I bought a domestic sewing machine from Aldi, bargain at £35 or thereabouts.

Yesterday I wanted to do some clothing alterations and set this machine up hoping to get the 4 items done in about half an hour.


Half an hour!!!!!!! no chance, started at 3.45pm and ended at 6.15.

Took me 2 blooming hours to get it to stitch. Now I'm not behind the door when it comes to sewing machines but this thing had me hook line and sinker. Just kept jamming every time I tried something new.

New Needle, New thread,New shuttle, New settings etc etc etc;


So what was the problem???


Did not thread it correctly, did not follow the instructions as i thought i knew how to do it, Hugh Could-do-it, I could not. Lesson learned, dont take things for granted.

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