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Anyone got a Vinyl system that can create a number plate for my car?!


Obviously needs to be legal lettering and legal size...but not bothered about the bit at the bottom with the name and address etc!!!


Everyone that I have spoke to around here will not help me as they seem to think that it is not legal, but have you seen the older day Ferrari's and certain other manufacturers out there?! haha


Can anyone help?!?


Thanks in advance!!

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Things have changed for number plates & the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 specify the typeface, the size, colouring and the British Standard that number plates must conform to.

each number plate must be permanently and legibly marked with the

following information:-


1. The British Standard number (currently BS AU 145d)

2. The name, trade mark or other means of identification of the manufacturer or component supplier

3. Name and postcode of the supplying outlet


Although its illegal for a registered number plate supplier to supply you with a plate as requested you should still be able to get them, ask tel200 as he’s into 4x4 and may know where.

Its worth noting that technically your car if post 73 should fail its MOT & you could be liable to prosecution for failing to display a number plate conforming to the British standards.


The grey area (until next year)


The below amendment is soon to be made to the number plate laws


2. Show Plates

A registration plate is defined as a plate that displays a vehicle registration mark and

is designed to be fixed to a vehicle or trailer. It is an offence to display number plates

which do not conform to the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks)

Regulations 2001. By failing to comply with the regulations the motorist runs the risk

of prosecution.

Although the term ‘show plate’ was not recognised in law, there was clearly some

confusion as to the position. Since the introduction of RNPS, nearly a third of all

enquiries received by DVLA about the Scheme have related to the question of ‘show

plates’. Any doubts about the position have been removed by the Road Safety Act.

As the law stands, a registration plate cannot be marked as a “show plateâ€

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This is a bit of a pain isnt it! Problem i have got is the frount mount intercooler, and if the number plate is displayed, it blocks this and thus far restricts the air flow!!!


Dont know how to get around this one, but like i said, there is lots of other cars out there that have this and dont seem to have any kind of problems!!


Very grey area, thanks for your help, will have to try source some other solution!!!!!

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Guest Iain Cheall

just find someone with a few less scruples than our lee who happens to have a vinyl cutter slip them a tenner or two, bobs your aunt doris and your car has a lovely new number plate that was there when i bought it officer


I'll ask a lad I know see what he says pm me with the details of it

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