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£4.99 cylinder

£5.99 mortice


Sometimes if they want funkeys & they need a few cutting i say i'll do them for the same price as standard keys, they are normally happy with that :P


they are really popular this time of year Danny with the kids going back to school.


They are just a pain in the a*se when your busy & you have a nine year old kid taking 10mins trying to decide which design they want :twisted: :lol:

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We charge £6 for all the cylinder fun keys (mortice at £7) except for the Disney ones at £7.00.

I just wish the suppliers would stock the Simpsons and Disney keys in UL2.

It would be a lot easier to pay a few pence extra for the UL2 and ditch the YA1 and ULO50 profiles.

We have a huge selection now and the new YAX 5 funkey has been selling fast. We shift between 100-150 funkeys each week.


We've now ordered the crazy animal range from NW Keys as well.


I tried to get the Donald Duck one for a customer today and was told it didn't exist!


It looks like only a limited range are issued in the UK.

The full range of Disney keys as well as the Muppets, Elvis and Betty Boop blanks can be seen here



Peanuts (Snoopy) and Garfield are on the way :D



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stop being a picky git tel :lol:


we've used the ulo5o for over ten years and never had one that didn't work because it shoulda been a 1A or something else relatively close.



True - the Universal keys (U-5D) are geting close to the sales of the 1A key now - Hence why we dropped the price on them.


I will always use these over the 1A as well and never received a return !

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