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the new best leather sole

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It's "wares" and I think its called "executive" but I haven't seen them yet. I must agree with another post on the JR subject, I've started getting them through with the finish peeling off and they do seem alot lighter and are not trimming as well.

I'm looking forward to the new Wares Executive, as I've found that the wares brand to be very consistant.



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I thought, shall I be bitchy and pull the job apart!!

no need you guys have done it for me.

Many faults and I'm surprised thata well known manufacturer put these up to the scrutiny of a load of cobblers.

One point in favour, they look a nice colour, but so do I when I've been in the sun with a few Beers.

No comparison with the job done for Benchmark on the next page.

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Im no fecking prude but I find the whole image for these new soles and heels totally unacceptable who the feck came up with this idea?

It suggests we are are all easily fooled/impressed by school boy smut and inuendo!

I think it cheapens the whole idea of a very good product(if thats what it is)

Nobody s gonna put these images up in their shop window for the discerning public to veiw?

Its the same with the shoe care Shoestring brought out last year, very suggestive, its like something from the top shelf!

I know its aimed at the younger person to make them aware of shoe care and so on, but its preposterous.

So I who use Wares soles everyday AM NOT IMPRESSED!

The benchmark product on the next page as Hugh says is in a class of its own.


carry on!

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