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does anyone recognise this safe key? i've looked in my catalogues and can't find a close enough match, the name on it isn't even in there.


the key has novum and 475 on the head, it's 90mm long from the bottom of the head to the end of the bits. the first bit is approximately 8mm x 18mm and has a scoop cut. the second bit is approximately 6mm x 18mm. the bits are wedge shaped and the guage is a 7 pipe.

cheers, rick.




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Guest Phill

Hi Rick,

Cut one of those for a solicitor in town.

The correct blank is from chubb spare this already has the correct scoop and gauge :D


Kromer Key Blank

If you fax the order to 01902 870798 they phone you back to arrange payment. Pay by card and you get the key next day :D

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