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Guest Iain Cheall

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Guest Iain Cheall

getting trophies in that have been wrecked by previous engravers and desperate parents.

I got this one in yesterday


heres where the handles were


I tried to get a picture of this area but my camera is crap where someone in 1979 engraved it with one of those hand held vibrating devices


and once the plinth was full of those horrible side shields they just started to engrave on the trophy itself

I have another one in from the same people ( A local agriculteral society or farmers to you and me ) where theres no base at all and the trophy is completely filled all the way around and top to bottom.

I have told them its full and if they want any further names on it then I will try to get a plinth and plinth band for it but as the first year on the cup is 1969 I might struggle to get one that will fit.

Gave her a swatkins catalogue and suggested they think about the possiblity of buying a new trophy.

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