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Genuine key blanks

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Guest Phill

I was thinking today how many keys we get that are restricted or patented direct from Suppliers.


I know theres lots of advice on this forum when it comes to key blanks Tel200 seems to have oustanding knowledge on this subject and has help dozens including me.

I have found over the years that most keys can be obtained with a little effort and the rewards are quite lucrative.

Off the top of my head we've bought













Large shoe repair companies don't seem to be interested in these kind of keys and it make good profit!

Whats your experiance?

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We get many punters that come to us as a last resort, They get informed in lesser establishments, 'No we don't have that one...sorry',

But in reality obtaining the blank to cut the key they require is often just a phone call away, If we can't get it, you won't get, We at Elite go that extra mile.

We very rarely use genuine blanks (apart from auto keys in some cases) & when we do they are retailed at 50% more

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we nearly always make the phone calls tel, we detest looking inadequate but a lot of our customers are unwilling to wait or go through the security procedures to obtain new keys for whatever reason.


i had one of those ruko keys in today with a million grooves and a cylindrical hole bored through the bottom part of the body length and after many phone calls were told they weren't available :shock: surely someone must do them though? how can i help my customer if none of my suppliers and the main locksmith near to me can't help?

would they have paid anyway :lol: this key was on an ordinary flat according to the customer :shock:

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Guest Phill

Ruko flex-core are not available ( the ones with the hole in the end) I can get these if you need them, I'll give you the number one monday if you need it

let me know :D

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flex core, that's the ones, i had it on the tip of my tongue but couldn't remember :oops:

we get asked about once a month for these so it would ne handy to know how to get them for my customers.


i don't know if he's registered or not phill but i'll find out.


we keep a lot of the assa and ruko in already tel but i think it would probably help if we had the keyway panel too!!! save us trying to match them up in the book :shock:

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Guest Phill


If your getting alot of these keys in chances are your local locksmith is a Rucko flexcore dealer.

Or a local housing association use them, Either way you should be able to get the keys.

Next time you get one in:

Take a note of the number

Phone Assa Abloy Group (I'll give you the number monday)

They'll either send you the cut key for around £3.50 each or they'll give you the contact number of the registered holder, then it's up to them how much they'll charge you.

in my experiance you'll be able to charge around £12.00 a key

everyone's a winner :D

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