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Member of the year 2007

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Thank you to all those who nominated members for the member of the year awards this year.

Our finalists are


Hugh-Candoit (ENG)

planet uk900


To cast your vote for the winner of our member of the year awards click here (now closed)


Also this year we also asked you for nominations for our recognition certificates these are awarded to anybody within the trade who has offered outstanding service beyond the call of duty, however to be receive this certificate the nominee has to receive at least two nominations. As this is something new to the forum nominations where a little thin on the ground but one person shone out! So the first and this years only winner is:-


Kev - Charles Birch Leeds. :-


Is always willing to help with any problems you might have, give excelent advice and is willing to go the extra mile to help you.
devtotion to duty!!!


Congratulations Kev a worthy winner I’m sure we would all agree hes an asset to Charles Birch.


So now its time to cast your vote for the MEMBER OF THE YEAR 2007



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TOP TIP:- For members like UK900, If when learning to use super glue you find your fingers stuck fast to your keyboard DO NOT try to prise your fingers away. Simply hit (a pen in your mouth might help here) the Esc key.


Do you do them while U wait

Cus they are in an awfull state

"not a problem it can be sorted"

the dodgy cobbler contorted


Take a seat it won't be ages

Cus we don't go through the proper stages

Super glue and dust is used

leaving lady all bemused


years go by and business drops

is it cus you used those props

to late now, gave you the sign

you didn't listen to uk9.


:lol: :lol:

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