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we already get this magazine and its very good for all the latest machines to look at and then thinking how can i afford them :roll:



I don't know what machines you have bristolcobbler, but we went into it in a big way a good few years ago.

It was well worth the investment. If you don't do computerised engraving I would highly reccomend it.

Theres so much you can do besides engraving trophies and jewellery.

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the problem is we havent gone into computerised engraving yet as a one man band cost do play a big part.i would be intrested to hear what would be a good machine to start with and one with a good price tag.im hoping to go to one of the shows to see some machines in action.


I went into computer engraving a few years ago now, and like you I am a one man band, and agree the cost was the biggest thing which stopped me.

I brought a IS200 flat engraver of Ebay!

1/2 the price of a new one and for my low volume it has been superb. As I have gradually expanded, in an ideal world I'd like a cylindrical computer engraver but for the time being this machine serves me well.


the thing with the computer engravers is once you see the speed you can engrave at and more importantly the quality you can produce you would never consider going back to manual machines.


Get yourself on Ebay, you'll find a starter machine there for sure.



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As a regular Ebay user, follow this tip to ensure you don't get ripped off, beacause for every bargain buy there's 2 or 3 dodgy ones!


Whenever you buy something over £50 make sure you pay by your credit card thru the Paypal system. This way you are covered by Paypal in the event of anything dodgy going on, plus you're covered by Mastercard/Visa too. Not sure exactly how this works - Maybe someone else can shed some light on it.


Never buy a machine on ebay by Person Cheque or Cash on collection.

You won't have a leg to stand on if anything goes wrong.



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Guest Iain Cheall

I started with a IS200 its a great machine but is limited with it's engraving area. we upgraded to an IS400 Volume this year.


I have seen an IS400 on EBAY might be a good starter machine for you

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Guest Iain Cheall
a IS200 its a great machine but is limited with it's engraving area.


Did you never use the 'Long Plate' mode? Ian


sorry for the late reply.


Yes i did use the long plate and was glad to get my 400 so i could say goodbye to it :?

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Annie read about the "Sandblasting" training course in Germany that was in the copy of ten 2 mths ago and has been over and had some trainong on Stone engraving, well worth the trip and very reasonably priced.


We would have never known about the course if it were not for Ten

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