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Insole size labelling

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Is it me?


Or are the labels on insoles becomming ever harder to read?


I carry a large range of insoles from several different suppliers. But for some reason it seems all of them use the tiniest of labels when it comes to displaying the size of the sole. Especially on the foam ones.


The number of times I get the question as the customer looks at 10 hooks full of insoles . " Are these all the same size?"


I know they should really be able to spot the difference between a ladies 3 and gents 12 ..


But this is a note to all suppliers.


Can we have some clearer labelling please.

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I agree with this one, 100% Andy I have the same question day in day out.


Supplier of my SIZE 5 insoles, never mind YOUR company name all over the packet! can we please have larger size indications on our insole products please!!!!!!!!



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I stock both Patons and shoestring


this picture is of my most popular seller, from a reasonably distance away. can you read the size clearly and easily?




Admittedly its not a brilliant picture, but it shows the point!


I also stock shoestring cut to size, and on first glance even I thought there wasn't a label to say what size they are, but then LOOK there in the corner almost as small as my price label is the cut to size sticker!



how can my poor old customers read it?????



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what insole are you guys using as I haven't noticed any problems, I use Bama foam.


I think meltonian (sara-lee) have a problem with thier shoe care range. I can't tell what half thier stuff is myself never mind the customers. Started stocking Punch products. thier labeling is much clearer.


Where do you buy all that old stock from then UK?


Meltonian disappeared when Dunklemans bought the group from Sarah Lee. Along with a whole range of popular brands names ie. Tuxan , Properts etc.


Now everything is branded Kiwi..

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