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we've done alot of roto keys very similar to the wms7/8 in the past few months but haven't actually been able to find a proper blank for them in any of the catalogues so we've been using the ulo54/ul2 successfully.


i got a HD key in today with ROT1 on the head, same profile as the roto keys we've been getting so i assume this is the correct blank for them, the only problem is that they aren't in the davenport burgess book despite bearing their brand on the head :?


does anyone know if they're still produced by DB? and do you have a hook number so i can order some?


cheers, rick

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Guest napster (1961-2007)

8) 8)

yes it is still made by db...

hook number h658 i think...

it's not in the catalogue probably

because it was made after the

new one had gone to print....

8) 8)

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