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come on guys, I need an external Sign for the store ! someone must have a supplier that has an external sign. I have been on ebay and looked at , and bought internal signs ( neon & LED ) but I want to have a sign outdoors ,maybe on a bracket sticking out ? maybe in the shape of a key ?


any help would be very gladly recieved.


On another thought, If I have one made, would anyone else like one ?

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You have to be careful with signs, don't forget some external signs may require planning permission from your local council. However, each council has its own criteria for awarding planning permission, largely to do with the area in which the sign is to be situated. This means that it is impossible to say categorically which signs do and do not require planning permission.


The most straightforward way to find out whether your sign will require planning permission is to ring the Planning Office of your local council. They will be able to tell you whether you are likely to need planning permission and send you the relevant forms.



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I have a good quantity of signs for sale, alot of them say cobblers and keys

1 is about 2ft square light in side with white fron and says key cutting and shoe repairs with a picture of a key and stilletoe shoe, i have a large white board abot 4x3ft saying shoe repairs

key cutting

watch straps and batteries

engraving and trophys

would look good on the front of a counter, I have some where aliminium signs saying shoe repairs ect, also for sale some bits and bobs pm with your want list, I live in rugby so would advise coming and seeing me or let me have email address and I will take photos and jpeg them to you

I also have a siver aliminium box light 7ft long by about 6 inches high saying key cutting I would want 150 for this though various prices for other bits

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