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Electrolysis cleaning tank

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I have been wanting to get a cleaning bath for small items such as watch cases and Jewelry etc for a while and following the possibility of one coming up second hand I have been doing a bit of reading on the internet on the subject and came agross this little gem of information on Electroysis cleaning


Well today I have just built my first electrolysis cleaning tank! not quite the desired ultrasonic cleaning tank but fun to build and for any of you members who want to clean car parts etc this is a great method!


I built my "cleaner" using a stainless steel bolt, an old phone charger a glass "Cleaning tank" two tea spoons of salt (to conduct the electricity more efficiently) and a two pence piece, needing cleaning (as they all do!)


Here's my cleaner in action!



and after just a couple of minutes the waters a merkey shade of brown & the coins "fizzing away!


And heres my finished coin! with mounting hole to wire it up!(top) against one which was a similar colour at the one I started with.



I will get a battery charger and crocodile clips on my second attempt :smt031


The possibilities are endless, 8) a bath in the garden a battery charger and engine parts here I come!


Just one of the things I get upto whilst at work!



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