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Hi Guys. ( and Gals ) This is my first time. Bit like sticking your head in the lions cage isn't it. I have spent a little time reading some of the topics currently on the forum. I like the one about Timpsons buying a wholesaler out. It isn't the first time this rumour has surfaced and it did put a smile on my face. Where would we be if we didn't have these wonderful rumours?. According to some " informed " sources my company goes out of business at least once a year. Sorry to dissapoint you but we're still going strong. And the one about Christmas gifts too. Being from Yorkshire I am renowned for being tight, hence my nickname of Robin B'stad and we give our customers a calendar . Why are these gifts expected?. In most industries today, gifts are no longer given, with the exception of calendars or diaries etc. I believe that there could be a tax reason for this. Do you repairers give your customers gifts for loyalty? I could go on about other things but I'm sure they will save for another occasion.

ps JT, can you make the cheque out to "CASH"

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Welcome to the forum Robin, Cheque for cash! Typical Yorkshireman. Any way a nice box of JR leather soles would be a nice Christmas present! or what about an all year round gift of an extra discount to forum members! :lol: at least then we could (but wouldn't) pass this discount onto our customers....


Good to see you here on the forum at last, especially being a sponsor and all that.



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I agree, we do get things wrong and we are the first to admit it. However it is a very small proportion of errors and we do try to learn from our mistakes. Who can honestly say that they always get things right. Most of the mistakes we make are down to simple lack of communication and we do put things right if we think it is our fault. Besides, if we wre always right you wouldn't have anything to complain about would you?. also you would not believe how many of our customers are number dyslexic particularly when it comes to ordering keys. And are we supposed to remember exactly what size bands your machine takes?. I could go on........ If anyone has a genuine grumble please get in touch and we will make amends........ Maybe.

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