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Rumour of take over

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as a moderater you should know that this topic was raised by a brand new comer who has asked a straight forward question, no malice involved just a question, has no idea if this question has been asked before or not,why the need for a sarcastic answer.What impression does that give a newcomer to the forum ,Lee you need to intervene and saysomthing

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not offensive, no axe to grind, just a simple answer would suffice. i reiterate.

Paranoia, in the sence of the mistrust of others serves no purpose.

And romours breed insecurity.


answers like this serve no purpose, these quotes and sayings serve no purpose is your surname AESOP

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Interesting that this rumor has sprung up once again. I did phone James direct following the last one and at that time he said they had no interest in the BenchMark group be interesting to see if this is or isn't the case.


When you find out the low down let us know.



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Welcome to the forum Vinny, sorry for all the verbal crap you got in reply, I hope you find the forum to be of help, I have found some of the members to be the very best help you can ask for, regardless of how long you have been doing this ! Hope to hear more from you in future :?:

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