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charles birch soles

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here's one for yas :lol:

can anyone post some good pics of the charles birch soles mentioned on the offer sheet so i can see the tread on them and also let me know what they're like for wear? (the hecsan, europa ribbed, mont blanc and armourted)


i'd ask for a sample but they sent me a full pack last time :shock: :lol:


can anyone give me their opinions on the envoy, v exec and top class heels too?


do this for me and i'll happily send a tenner to the forum donation fund. :D


thanks, rick.

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I think the armortred are a replacement called kj longlife, made in Russia but very good wearing.I use them on riding boots as well as welted shoes. They outsole very well.

I've always used top class heels as well because they are 16 iron they are a bit thicker and wear very well,never had any complaints.

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chris wilson is the man.

following my posting on here he has emailed and promised to send samples in the post for me to look at and compare. kudos to him. :D


i got some of those armourted soles and they look just the stuff, i like the length of them too 8)



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got my samples today, as promised :D

think i'm gonna order some of the europa soles, i like the design and they look ok for wear too..


i got a glossy, full colour offer sheet in the parcel and it stated: 'proud to support the shoe repairer forum' across the top 8) nice one CB.

stick the website address on the next one :D

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