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the cork out of a bottle of bubbley does a handy job and is a great excuse to drink some..., its all in the shape unlike wine corks also because of the flat bottom you can add height to it with micro.

wood shoe stretchers are handy as again you can staple micro etc on to them to raise/shape anywhere in the shoe or tutn them upside down.

i might be some help to someone thats a first....

regards paul

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This one keeps cropping up on TV and elsewhere:


To stretch tight shoes, pack with potato peelings and leave for 48hrs.


To cope with the amount of stretching we get, I'd need to buy a spud farm and a peeling machine! . . . Or perhaps I could do a deal with the local chippy . . ?

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The freezer trick is not so effective X, the idea is that the frozen liquid expands and stretches the shoes, but the liquid as it is freezing goes in the direction of the least resistance and that is out of the heel. If you could put a heavy weight on the heel section then it may work but I doubt it as expanding ice will move mountains.

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