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old unica 200 engraver

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hi some help/ideas from the boys out there that know please.

I have been offered an old unica 200 engraver, the one with cards but i think there could be a few catches,q. 1 can one get the book/manual for this machine,2 do they have a time span where they just stop working

3 this one to gravograph what is the ball park figure for servicing this type of machine if at all it is possible the model might be 10 years old.4 do any of you have one of these and are you still using it with good results.

i know these are hard/difficult questions to give an accurent answer to but your input might help me.

regards paul

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some of the font cards work with a lithium battery to keep the font and they need to be changed every so often(not sure how long though sorry) but timpsons have 3 on my area that they got when buying uppermost shoe repairs & they all still work.the only problem i can think of is that i'm sure they don't use a standard keyboard but i'm sure you can get them from gravo aswell as a manual they're ok if money is tight and your looking to do basic plates.hope this helps

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