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How To Repair - Ecco Footwear

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This maybe a job some guys might shy away from, simply because of the nature of the material the units are made from.


Boots manufactured by Ecco with the Sport moulded unit



New units by Vibram



First the bulk of the existing unit needs to be removed, but this can't be scoured in the usual way, this is because of the nature of the outer compound, It is a hazardous material & when scoured becomes a hot molton substance.

So this is where some knife skill comes in, Below shows the bulk of the old unit removed using a knife, then the remaining material left on the boot scoured to the required level



A mid-sole of 4mm plain micro has cut, then both footwear & mid-sole coated with neoprene adhesive



The mid-sole has been attached, trimmed & then stitched into place using a Geneva Blake stitcher


By attaching a mid-sole in this way will give a good secure point to aid new sole/unit attachment



The next three images show the finished job







The last image hopefully shows the edge finish, that was achieved using a multi-pipe edge trimmer, the style of finish seen on Dr. Martins soles



That's another £40 in the Till :D


Sorry, But I don't offer a "Trade Service" :twisted:


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Tell me more about neoprene adhesive?(dont use it)

Any primer used on this shoe/boot material?

My current Neoprene adhesive I am using is "Marco Neobond" from Marshall Coppin, It's their own brand & the same blend as Renia

No primer used

i'd probably use my little bandsaw to remove the excess material.

Think you'd have a problem there, because the outer compound would melt & gum the sawband

didn't you have any problems bonding the micro (is it the compact micro btw?) to the original material without a primer?

cheers, rick.

No problems see above, The micro is compact but lightweight

I know is not pleasant to do.


Not pleasant at all, my little Spanish Buddy, but less pleasant when the units have perished

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Geox System consists of full sole, heel & micro mid-sole (not shown)



I haven't seen these either, who stocks these Tel ?


Me, Martin & one other


We did some Rockports the other day in the same way.


Different units but repaired the same.


Interesting units Mark, are they one piece or two & where they from & what they called?


One piece, they have no name and only I stock em :lol: :lol:
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Is this unit not similiar to a Rambler unit that was used some years ago?

Tread pattern seem familiar exept for the oblong blocks on it, makes a nice neat job though and there are many manufacturers doing that style of shoe. Think it was originally designed in the States and called Penny Round, I think there is a section on the front that you could slip a coin into.

I like them, serves as a dress shoe and a casual one.

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