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Neoprene and Polyurethane tubes

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I have to say that not selling glue actually erarns me money.


In the majority of cases I would only sell it when someone bought a pair of stick on soles to fit at home.


Now when they ask for a pair of stick on soles I tell them I only have the ones for trade use and they will have to cut them to fit at home. So they say fine and I put a pair on the counter.. then of course they ask for glue.


I apologise and tell them that I don't sell glue due to reastrictions on it and the fact that there are 3 different types of man made material out there which need a different glue.


The long and short of this is that the customer soon realises the easy home job is no longer as simple as they first thought and then 9 times out of 10 bring the shoes in for me to repair properly.


Same goes for re bonding jobs too..

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Sorry gents I thought you were talking about customers who purchase Stick-on-soles from you.

I'm not in favour of retail sales of adhesive as there can be problems leading to a letter from a Solicitor unless that product is marketed by the manufacturer for Retail Sales and the Health warnings printed on the pack.

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Thanks guys . . . I'll try the Klebfast!


We still get a lot of older customers who have always stuck their own stick-a-soles, and still ask for the DIY kits. The knack is to warn them that the soles may not stick to some of the synthetic materials. They buy them anyway, take them home, mess them up, and then come back for a proper job!


We have always been careful not to sell the adhesive to anyone who is less than middle-aged!

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