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combination padlocks

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Does anyone have any of these in stock or know a wholesaler who has stock please.

A local school has just had new lockers and these are going like hot cakes.

I've just cleaned out SKS and they cant get anymore for 2weeks if I order now, but I don't know how many more I may need if any.I've got about 15 left but may need 30 or so at short notice.


Sale or return would be great....


Many thanks in advance :D :D5_2007_02210009_1.jpg

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Since the entire school seem to be coming to you for them, why don't you go to Focus and buy a load and sell them for what you paid for them?


At least this way YOU become the place EVERY one in the school recognises as the place to get them, and this new generation of customers becomes used to using your shop and if you haven't sold what you brought after 30 days you can always return them!


I did this with mortice locks for a holiday camp, couldn't keep up with demand from my supplier so I went to the local DIY store, Keep the customer and all the follow on business that came from them.



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Good idea Lee , Thanks

I'm not supplying the whole school just trying to sell as many as possible.

The other 7 or 8 shops in town that are selling these or similar sized padlocks are all sold out so thought I might use the forum to try and gain an advantage and get some more stock to sell.

25 padlocks from SKS turned up at 3.00pm Wednesday and were gone by

4.00pm Thursday!!!!!!!!!

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