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mops or pads/brushes

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hi chaps

i'm going to replace my pads,brushes with new ones. i have a lynx 942 finisher and i see that most machines now have mops and brushes but no pads,having not used mops i wonder what your thoughts are on this and why makers of finishers prefer mops not pads. i know i like pads but thats all i've ever used, also on this finisher the brushes are quit low down compared to 700's and i would like to rearrange the layout or line up of them because the naumkeg is right above the black pad and near to the smooth band. also would mops fit or are they of a bigger diameter?


regards paul

regards paul

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why couldn't you achieve a finish the same as the old machines?



Because most of them dont have a heated Iron. niether do they have a bottom scouring roll, neither do they have a calic friction mop & cotton polishing mop all in one machine.

Dont tell me that there is anyone out there who can do a better job on a modern REPAIR machine because there aint.

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with hugh be do a bit here. even though i am not a shoe repairer the older machines with heat etc gave a much better end product. the drawback with the 100 and similar machines was that they work a lot slower and more labour intensive.


ps hugh be do, i see on another post you are lining up your coffin etc. can you let me know when you are planning on using it as i would like to try my new defibrillator out first.

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Guest Hugh-Candoit2

Better give me your direct line Peter as this post is going to give me a heart attack.:lol:


UK900 you may BEG and you will Differ.

Why do you think that the likes of church/cheaney/Loak still use floating/occilating bottom scouring rolls that are centuries old.(well almost as old as me) and why do you think that they still use Burnishing equipment?

If they did not Keith would be trying to flog them a "Power unit"

Let me put it into perspective here for you,

you have a piece of raw Brass to engrave, do you leave it like that and just brush it over or do you burnish it to get a high as possible gloss finish?

Does a Car body finisher spray your car by just brushing the surface over of does he first go over it with a very fine grade emery cloth to matt it down then use a burnishing mop on the applied colour?


Granted the machines of old will not cope with the modern materials in regards to scouring or extraction abilities but, they will cope with volume. I worked on these machines when the best went to the grave yard in the sky and those were the A Frame finishers with Cyclone extraction system, now dont tell me Keith that your system can suck out dust at a greater volume than those cos I wont believe you. We worked with these machines none stop from 8 till 5.30 doing hundreds of pairs of soles each day. The quality would not be seen today unless you had one of these machines or you were very good, nay bloody brilliant at hand finishing.

Whew, i must get my blood pressure monitor out :lol:


PS I had to re join as H-C2 as the site will not let me in.

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hugh, you can check out http://www.lifepak1000.com/ if you want to know more.


there was me thinking they kept the machines because they couldnt afford new ones!!


cyclones eh? they are the almost perfect dust extraction, still available as nice small units but still not the perfect answer in shops where space is a premium. we have a customer with a small factory who has external extraction units, the suction is consistent and very very strong.

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Guest Hugh-Candoit2

Thank god there is someone out there who knows why and what this is all about!!


No the cyclones are not suotable for the very modern heel bar type of situation in shopping centres but I'll bet there are many older premises where they have a back yard to house the collection container!!

Not that I would envisage them emptying the thing Peter, just to get apoint accross that the more modern machines were not necessarily as good as the old ones and in many cases they are inferior.


Put me, even at my age on one of these old machines with a test pair of welted leather shoes and any other member of the forum on a modern machine (fullly serviced by Keith) and The results will speak for themselves. (of course that depends on the supply of Friction polish and Carnuba wax Wax. (bet some of those products are not now available).

You could be the Judge Peter :wink:

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Garbage, that statement from you Hugh undermines many independant repairers out there :evil:


Making sweeping statements like that can be very dangerous! I remember when I was repairing and I used to get told by so called 'quality old boys' that their work was the best and all us youngsters could never achieve their quality.


Christ, most of them left a step on the waist you could jump off and about 15 tingles across it :evil:


Don't get me started.................................. :evil:

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