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Since I joined the forum I think I have learned a lot more than I have given back. Although I have tried to give as much as poss, Tutorials, help with problems etc.

I have learn't to be more tollerant :lol: and understanding.

But I have learnt that I don't know everything, and have learnt some valuable lessons. which has given me a new zest for our trade, knowing you all and enjoying each others company, most of the time :oops:


Just wondered how you lot thought about being part of the forum... Thoughts.

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i dont think enough people use it, lees mailing in march might help
[-X #-o :-$ :smt005 the cats out the bag!


Well folks although off topic, I have brought the database of 1500 shoe repairers from Thomson local directory, and am compiling a letter to tell every one about the forum. Our sponsors are also including a flyer for a small charge which should pay for the mailing to get out there.


So don't be to hard on me in March as Rhiannon, Ross, Simon (better not say carys, she might eat them instead!) & my self will be packing envolopes all month!



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back on topic!


Since I joined the forum, I have realised the shoe repair trade's out there! With bad road connections few companies ever venture into this neck of the woods, you just muddle along.

Members have made me see that the problems I face are the same for us all.

Mind blocks when identifying key blanks, Searches for suppliers that you can't find that every body else uses but you & jobs you've self taught that you discover an easier way of performing.


I really enjoyed talking to other members at Trophex, it really made the day worth traveling for.


New friends & new horizons, thats what the forum has given me.



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