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Auto Locksmiths

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I know some of you are Auto locksmiths.

We are looking to expand our business in this field over the coming months and would welcome your advice with some questions I have


What Diagnostics system have you bought, the AD100/ Silca SBB with all the software and leads or have you bought a pay as you go version?


Are you able to carry out lock replacements/servicing at your shop I.E. you have car parking space or work shop?


Are you an ALA member, if yes has this helped your business?


What key to code machine do you use?

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Anyone getting involved in auto work may find the following video helpful,


How To Use The Tibbe Pick/Decoder



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Hi - The Machines to use I would say are the Ad100 or MVP (Which is a pay as you go machine / just helps spread costs) the JMA machines / Silca SBB`s etc are all good machines - BUT the back up help is nothing compaired to the AD100`s - this is the best aftercare / aftersales help I know of on the market .... Most people will purchase the HPC Blitz for code cuutting over the Unocodes - Mainly due to the Large price difference ! as in general both machine do the same job just the Unocode looks and is more expensive (a little quicker as well) - email me if you would like any help / prices etc - thank you

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