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February 2007 - Stiletto heels

do you feel stiletto heel repairs  

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Interesting to see how the votes are split on this one between Booming and settled to a level.


My own quantity is still great with no true slow down as yet, having looked through several of Rhiannon's fashion magazines the style is still very much on the cat walks for next years styles on the high street, so I'm still optimistic for continued sales for the next few sessions.



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we're definetely still doing very well on the pu and metal tops, moreso than last year, we can tell by the increase in quantity when we place our orders.


after stilettos go, hope those huge crappy block heels don't come back in fashion :cry:


They will but first there is a gradual change with medium heels medium almond shape toes, then the big heels the bis soles.


Have you though this through though,

big heels are only worn down at the back corners. Multiples will be replacing the whole heel at what will then be around £10 bearing in mind the cost of living inreases. What is to stop you just repairing the back corners similiar to a toe -piece repair at half the cost? and double the profit?

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Profit is the main object in my view Lee not turnover.

I would make far more money out of doing the part repair than anyone doing the complete replacement. And I would not be disturbing the heel block. You used to be able to purchas wedge strips of heeling material suitable for this. Although the material I used did not cost a single penny and made 100% profit, not taking into consideration wages, rates, rent, equipment, heating, lighting, insurance, tax, NHI, holiday fund, Bupa, the occasional visit to the Lap dancing club, local Mafia etc, etc :wink:

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