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Find anything interesting lately

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:smt043 there you go again making me laugh, when theres no one else here but me! people outside are giving me very strange looks!


I found an alarm clock in a boot, a pair of false teeth in some dry cleaning & a wrap of drugs in some shoes.


The clock they came back for the next day, the teeth they had to go over to my dry cleaners to get as they needed them & the drugs, I wish I could say I used them but I left them in the shoes and didn't mention it!



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Very many years ago I put a Ladies boot onto the last to hammer down the stick on sole (before Press's came out). It felt not right, a lot tighter than the other boot, after taking it off I put my hand inside thinking there may be a sock inside and shock horror it was all wet and gooey, a small Rat that I had squashed was eventually retreived with the help of a pair of very long nose pliers.



Just came to me, these meanderings dont belong in the Key section (apart from the original post).

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hey chaps

yes we find many strange things in ladies boots mostly g strings seem s to be the place where girlies stash them quickly think i have had about 10 this season.

I had to giggle one lady pulled out her wallet from her bag and out popped some condoms in a box and not used thank god well they fell on my side of the counter so had to pick them up and give them to her i couln't stop giggling,I thinnk she might have wanted some discount....

Also had a frog jump out of a dusty shoe, the kids had been to richmond park and collected frogsporn and deposited it alover the house as kids do so I am told i tryed to keep the frog in a box but decided to let it go at penn ponds instead for fear of ending up with a workshpo full of frogs.

I found £65.00 as well when working for a big company and gave it back to the custermer he gave me A whopping £2.00 to get a pint this was about 25 years ago thought itcould have been a dodgy shopper.


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