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new key boards

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just letting you all know davenport burgess have brought in 5 new boards for cylinder keys

we used to have just the 2 cylinder boards which these have replaced.

thing is its up to date with all those keys we seem to get on a regular basis and struggled to find

thanks stuart, if you hadnt popped in on your way past i wouldnt have known.

check it ouit!

it is a pain transfering the old ones over, but after 3 or 4 days sorting all my key stock - seems a lot better.

question for dav burgs (if they read this) next time you bring in new boards - would you call at my shop and sort the blanks out for me?

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Hi Lee.


We are launching a virtual shop for our customers. Orders can then be placed online, which will free up office staff in order for them to offer better customer service.


The company hosting the new site will have taken the old one offline.


Nice to see you are moving in the right direction.

deos this mean that you are accepting orders from absolutely anyone?

Even those who have had problems with reps/

As long of course as they pay online?


I am by the way a HD enthusiast.

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