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badge pin

Guest Annie

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Hi guys, well it's stopped raining (first time since the 2.Nov.) BUT we now have 10cm of snow!! Chaos and havoc. But very beautiful.


Can anyone help me with this, please? Where can I buy these? My customers want pins like this - I only have the run of the mill - Mastergrave etc. plastic sticky back pins.


Any ideas - thanks!

regards Annie




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Hi thanks ascap! But too bad KYD don't have - so guys its back on the forum - anybody else got any ideas - I am also looking, but can't seem to come up with an answer.

Appreciate all the help.


Come on UK where are you? Lee how's it going love?

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I assume what you're after is a 1" diameter engraveable badge?

I use these, (from Glenway) It's a metal holder for a 1"round engraving disc (or medal centre etc.). Pic shows front, back of blank, then with engraving plate fitted at the bottom.

Let me know if this is any good if you only want a few - I've got loads in stock!


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Steven, thanks for you help but my badge is oval - but I'll ask Glenway anyway -

UK900 thanks for all those names will contact them

and....Lee :-({|= keep the serenading going - just lovin' it! Music to my ears.. :smt020

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