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Trophex 2007 News & Review

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Well that's another Expo over


It was good to meet up with some of the members on here & put names to faces


The show was pretty much as it has been in past years for me, except this time I wasn't looking at any purchases of capital equipment


Picked up some good leads for retail goods though & some future trophy suppliers

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Good to see you at the show terry, sorry we never got a chance to say goodbye but had my hands full at the gravograph stand, Only took 5 hrs door to door to get home and was pleased to see that it was still pissing down with rain and 70mph winds, just as i had left it on Saturday.




John & Annie

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Great to see every one on Sunday, its another reason to join the forum. As a "lets meet for dinner" is a nice informal way of chatting about what we have seen, comparing prices we have been offered to those others have achieved & generally having a laugh.

Thanks TITS for the bundles of sandwichs, cans of drink & the donuts (which I finished of with a nice cup of tea when I got home, whist wearing my new pants!)

Nice to meet Annie (I'm in love) and thanks for the "small" shorts John and Annie!

No doubt the pictures are being uploaded as I speak?


For me the show was a good one, not one I generally go to yearly but always worth at least a biannual visit.

The one thing which court my eye (apart from Annie) was the Sublimation printing ( I think I might be talking the TheITShop about a printer very soon)

But couldn't do a deal on the day for an engraving machinery. Another "last" drink at 3.30 with other members for a review of the day was a nice way to finish the day before heading of home.



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Had a great weekend, IT and his sister Annie, came over ours saturday evening, Went out for a curry & ended up at a rock n roll party, We had our pictures took with Elvis (were are these pics IT). It was a great night, Annie and my missus got on really well, we'll be seeing each other again.

The show, well I made the mistake of wearing a superman t-shirt, every corner I went round Hey thats uk900 then a half hour chat :oops: was funny. and IT brought Lee some kiddies superman boxershorts which he sportingly jumped straight into (were's the pics IT)

the show was good, enjoyed I picked up a good supplier for engravable gifts. and had a chat with almost everybody.


And it was a good way to end the day in the bar with you lads..Great.

See you all at the spring fare with any luck.


PS met Iain Cheal, If your gunna argue wth this fella, do it over the internet.........He's massive. great guy though, good to meet you fella.

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who would have thought that trophex could be so much fun :P


My trophex involved:-


10 pints

5 Star Curry house

Rock and roll pary night

Sing along an Elvis session

loads of rock and roll eye candy

bit of a "rock around the clock"

A nice new Elvis " Wig" That im wearing right now


and that was before we even got to the NEC


Dont know what the rest of you all did but im a big Trophex fan

and am now looking forward to the spring fair know i can find UK900s house in the dark :D

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Have to agree yesterday was a great day out... I personally found the show very interesting and found several pieces of equipment that interested me along with some new lines ..


I had gone along with the intention of placing an order for a new engraving machine but a dramatic rise in price together with a less than favorable deal offered resulted in me comming home and having to think again...


It was good to meet up with some of the fellow forum members and was without doubt a great way of brightening up what would have been a rather long uneventful day. I look forward to the chance of future meetings like this...


Now then here is what you have all been waiting for.. Yes it's " That Picture" :lol: :lol: :lol:



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its the camera angle! clearly if andy had taken the picture from my side of the prospective etc etc etc........... 8)


Mind you you fat Bas****ds at least I could get in the age 6-7 shorts (over my jeans) and have all my original colour hair!



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hi Guys, ok here we go, maybe somebody will have to edit these pics - although don't know what rubic - Rock n' Roll ??216_DSC01367_2.jpg





- to me they look like Rocky Horror!!

But a great time was had by one and all. UK thank you very much for a great weekend. Tell the missus and the beautiful boys I was asking for them.

Lee, THANK YOU, it was great meeting you - in fact it was great meeting you all - what a nice bunch. Now you know I am REAL and not like UK thought a figment of John's imagination!!!

all the best


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Guest Iain Cheall

It was good to see some of you at the show, I had a great time until i sampled the snack bar :!: Next year I will follow TITS example and take my own butties in with me. I was thinking of setting up a teaser in the coblers arms for guessing the cost for 2 cups of coffee and 2 sandwiches but I don't think anyone would ever get it. the Answer £15.10 I nearly fainted


I only bought a couple of display packs for the shop would love a sandblaster and to go into sublimation but have no room to put these things so will just need to outsource them when and if needed.


PS met Iain Cheal, If your gunna argue wth this fella, do it over the internet.........He's massive. great guy though, good to meet you fella.


:oops: aw shucks your gonna make me blush


it was good to meet you and the boys and not to forget tits annie and andy. missed you lee but maybe next time eh

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