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doea nyone know of a blank that's available for the brass 41/2 gauge E*S mortice key? or alternately, if you've met these blanks, what i could use successfully?


northwest keys have something similar that they're sending but they think they may be too narrow on the bit :cry:


cheers, rick.

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not this time you ain't tel :wink:

you must be referring to a different E*S key as the bit on the spaceguard key isn't high enough :cry:


the customer who brought it in wanted 12, i've cut them from gauge keys for now. she cleaned me out of all my spaceguards at the same time, i used them all up for the arrone keys she had.


has anyone ever tried a chubb 3g114 for them? my bro reckons they'd probably work too.


i'll post a pic of it tonight anyway so you can have a look.


thanks for your help guys.



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my bro just spoke to DB and they know of the keys, they said spaceguard should do it but there are two variations of the E*S key, he thinks she said B594 also or B599 for the other one (he couldn't remember which), regardless, they're gonna post them out to us today.



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