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I used to, but for me it was too time consuming so I stopped. BUT it can be set up extremely cheaply if you want to test the waters before buying a dedicated system.


First buy a sandblasting cabinet from the likes of Sealey I brought this one, and mounted it on legs


http://www.sealey.co.uk/PLPageBuilder.a ... uctid=7823


Then contact crystal galleries for your masking film




I can’t remember where I got the fine white powdery stuff of the blaster from, someone else should be able to tell you.


But one diamond to reducing cost of start up, is the UV box for making your masking film blanks, in the electronics industry these are used to make circuit boards. I brought mine from the local TV repair man, I think it was in the RS catalogue for around £180. This can also be used if you are using UV glue for watch glass.


I seam to remember setting the entire operation up for around £500, and since it didn’t work for me I was glade this was all I spent!



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Sorry maybe a bit misleading question, We sand blast loads of Glass, Crystal and most of all Stainless steel flasks and hip flasks.


The reason for the question was to get an idea how many member use this great method of engraving. we would be lost without it.


As a result we have built up a fair bit of experience in this particular field.

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