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Just seen this due to restricted internet facilities, just goes to show that even antique dogs like me can learn new tricks, that bit about Lee being loweres made me spit a mouthful of beer out with laughing.


Bloody good tip that Rick.

I have a pair of Cowboy boots from Argentina 1970s and the insole was disintegrating, so I did a similiar thing, got a thin plastic card off the front of a ring binder type file and stuck the insock to that as a permanent job, slid the thing in plastic side down and hey presto no irregular bumps. Bit tight though now but still wearable, unbelievable conition for 35 year old boots. Better conition than their owner :lol:


I think your tip rick should go down as "Tip of the Year"

Perhaps we should encourage more of this and select a best of the year tip at the end of 2007.

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At 64 he's just a kiddiewink,

You can keep the adhesive of f the sides by putting an excessive amount on the insole and position it carefully in place, then wiggle it about a bit (no rude comments please :lol: )raise it up from the insole and let it dry for 10 mins then press down. Saves going down (no rude comments please :lol: ) the inside of the boot with the glue brush.

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OK. I accept that many may not be able to do this but, I arch mine so that the sides do not touch the boot, however, this is a skill you have to learn, here is an alternative just thought on the spur of the moment.


Sheet of thin Card, bent round to form a tube, insert into boot, tube expands to fill boot, insert Insole (or adhesive), remove card, no glue on sides. Simple.

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get a small piece of sponge or chop down an old glue brush so that it fits in your palm and load with adhesive.

use your hand (if it's small enough) to get right in side the boot, using the whole of your hand as a shield to protect the lining, spread the glue around.

as the gloves will also be glue covered by the time you've done, bin 'em. :smt023

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