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Just had a customer who wanted Dark Brown shoe polish. I handed her a tin of Kiwi Dark Tan,,, No, sorry she said I want dark brown.

It is dark brown I said.,,,,,No its tan, it says tan on the tin. :evil:

Yes I said, Tan is brown,.........No its not she said :evil:


I said to her, Do you go abroad for your holidays......She looked puzzled and replied Yes..........I said do you lie on the beach in the day..........She said yes.........I said do you go brown...........She said yes.........I said thats because you have a tan :roll: £1.50 please. :lol: :lol:

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Maybe your customer wasn't quite as daft as she sounded. Not sure if you are aware but Kiwi do actually produce a shade called "Brown" alongside Lt, Med & Dk tan. .. Colourwise I would place it somewhere between a mik and dark chocolate shade. It has none of the reddish tinge you would associate with the Dk. Tan polish . It is a true shade of Brown.


Tom from Overstone Leather Co. certailnly stocks and supplies it. It's where I get mine from.


Check the picture... note on the right hand stand 2 shelves of Kiwi.. Lower shelf.. from left. Lt. Tan.. Med tan Brown and Dk. Tan



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bloody hell fire!!! all this over tan or brown :lol:

depending on how low my dark tan or brown is, i usually sell one in place of another as i can't really see the difference on the shoes. wouldn't dream of it with mid or light tan though.


i have had customers complain about the oxblood thing but i've yet to lose a sale to one as i kept a tin of oxblood befor i ran out of it under it's original name and i use it to show the customers thath there is absolutely no difference whatsoever.


if anybody has the address for kiwi then i'm quite happy to ask them to explain why they changed the name, it may help those of you struggling to convince your customers if you have a letter to show them that oxblood and burgundy are one and the same.



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What about "Nigger Brown"?



For at least 100 years Aboriginal activist Stephen Hagan has tried to get the name of this stand changed without success. It was originally named in the 1960's after Edward Stanley Brown, a Wigger who got the nickname because he used a type of shoe polish called "Nigger Brown". It was then acceptable to use the word Nigger but apparently they don't like to be called that now.

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