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Guest Annie

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Hi good morning and hope you all had a great Christmas.

I came in this morning thinking maybe it will be quite - well it is - BUT

now that I want to use the gravograph - its not doing what I want it to.

I have saved files e.g. door nameplates with designs etc. well in the preview screen I can see to chose - BUT when I do choose a black plate comes up - all the saved plates are black - why - whats wrong - John is out galavanting and I told my customers I'd get it done today.

Can someone help me please.



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Hi Annie,


What exactly were you hoping to engrave on the plates?


Have you vectorised a logo?


Have you infilled it?


It may help if you could talk us through the steps you have

taken so far to help us identify where you may have gone



Best Wishes and Good Luck,


The Electronical Pig


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